Protect access to sensor with password

Add a password protection (or something similar) to limit access to authorized people only. In university a lot of people are part of the same network as the hemistereo sensor and we don’t want to allow everybody running the software to observe what’s happening in our rooms.

P.S. Is the data between sensor and sdk encrypted on the transport layer?

the communication part of the HemiStereo software is already prepared to support some basic user authentication, but there are still some things that have to be done. We are aware of this issue and will provide the functionality in one of the next releases.

About the encryption:
Currently, the communication between the HemiStereo Viewer and the sensor is unencrypted. Encryption support will be provided in common with the user authentication in a future release.


Password protection is now included in v0.9.0. To set the password, connect to the sensor and click on Set device password in the main menu.