HemiStereo SDK v0.7.0 released!

Today, we released the HemiStereo SDK v0.7.0 which includes the following new features and bugfixes:


  • allow smaller steps when changing exposure compensation
  • adjust max. exposure time depending on configured frame rate
  • rotate around z-axis by default in the 3d visualization
  • change theme colors and icons to match HemiStereo design
  • Bugfix: avoid window flickering when 3d visualization is hidden
  • Bugfix: let user change the recorder output directory using the text field


  • Bugfix: fix wrong file permissions of third-party libs

The update can be installed using the maintenance tool which is located under <HemiStereoInstallDir>/maintenancetool or by doing a fresh installation using the online installer from here.
Additionally, we also provide a .tar.gz archive which can be used on headless systems or systems which do not have an internet connection. You’ll find it also on the download page.